High School and Credit Classes

These classes are for 9th-12th graders. Most are homework-required classes that parents can list on a student's transcript to go toward graduation. The teachers of these classes are experts in their fields, most with degrees in the areas in which they teach. The homework required varies, but students should expect to complete at least an hour of homework per day for each credit class they attend.


Here is a link for our Four-Year Schedule to help you with planning purposes. Classes are subject to teacher availability. Link to Four Year Plan

Sciences and Math

Lab Sciences are key for high school students. ECC provides in depth investigations with expert instructors in the areas of Physical Science, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.  Algebra I & II along with Geometry and Consumer Math are also offered.


These classes have proven to be the most popular among parents for readying their students for the experiences of college.

Language Arts

Communication is of ultimate importance whether your student intends to attend college or enter the workforce upon graduation. ECC offers an alternating English course with an Expository writing course that includes research instruction.

 Spanish, French and American Sign Language are offered yearly along with Speech. Literature, both American and British, are presented in alternating years.

Social Studies

World and American History make a regular rotation in the ECC four year schedule. Government and Economics, both single-semester classes, are offered every other year. World Geography is offered in alternating years.

Psychology is also presented when available, but it is no longer a class for high school credit.  


A Computer Coding class is available as well as a MS Office class.  Personal Finance, Health, and Psychology are offered in alternating years when available. A Bible study for high schoolers is also non-credit, but presented each semester.

Dual Credit Classes

Enrollment in college courses, especially during the senior year, allows a student to avoid the part of American high school culture known as the "senior slump." While enjoying the traditional ceremonies and rites of passage that accompany the senior year, qualifying students may also enroll in college freshman level courses that will apply toward an Associate’s Degree and/or university transfer.


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