Enrichment Classes for 7-12 Grades

These classes vary in expectations for homework, performances, and supplies. At ECC we strive to build creative, thought-provoking classes that will encourage your students to become life-long learners. Each semester results in a different assembly of study, but all with the same goal.

Fine Arts


Art is a highly popular area. We have several artists who are gifted in painting and sculpture as well as the intricacies of sewing and paper crafts.


Also in this realm are favorites like theatre acts and improvisation, dancing, guitar, and instruction in rhythm as well as music theory.



We are blessed to have a professional chef who oversees the classes. Students enjoy a variety of foods from breakfast to party foods.


We even offer an entepreneur class devoted to explaining the benefits and difficulties of owning a small business with real-world experiences.

Physical Fitness


Students at ECC have a wide range of choices in the area of fitness. From aerobic activity such as running or roller blading, to muscle-toning, to games such as Ping Pong and Flag Football. 

Other Enrichment Classes


Our extra enrichment classes include topics in Bible Study, History, Foreign languages, literature, and even computer skills. 


Each semester, these classes are evaluated. The most successful are repeated to enable more students to get the chance to enjoy the classes.