4th - 6th Grade Programs

Science and Math

Don’t want to do those messy experiments at home? Then you’ll love our science classes! We offer a variety of hands-on options like Bridge Building, Electricity and Circuit Boards, Weather, Inventions, Science Fair Projects, CSI, Mythbusters and more. Each year, we also offer a 2-semester class with labs from the Apologia: Exploring Creation series.


Math doesn’t have to be the most-dreaded subject of the day. Our 4th–6th grade math classes are designed to help students gain confidence and hone the skills they’ve learned at home. Math Games and Tricks teaches “tricks” that help children solve math equations quickly as well as giving lots of skills and drills practice while Real World Math focuses on life applications (think hands-on story problems) such as cooking, building and making change at the store. 

Language Arts and History

Great books take our hearts and minds to places life never will.  Our literature classes offer quality reading, group discussions and activities that teach literary components and vocabulary.  Reading can be lots of fun!

History comes alive when you experience it through art, crafts, salt-dough maps, drama and more!  We rotate through subjects such as Geography, Texas History, and various time periods in World and American history.

Fine Arts and Crafts

One of the best things about being part of an educational co-op is giving your child the opportunity to learn from moms whose skills differ from your own.  With moms who draw, paint, sculpt, dance, act and sing, we can offer a wide range of fine arts and craft options for your child. 



What do Legos, Chess, PE, Spanish, Keyboarding, Party-Planning and Ping-Pong have in common?  They’re all electives that we’ve offered!  You never know what you’re going to find in this category but you can bet it will be worth the time spent in class.