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Welcome! We're so glad you're interested in finding our more about our co-op!

Enrichment Classes of Carrollton was founded in 1995 by a dozen homeschool families who desired to form a Christ-centered co-op that not only provided academics and enrichment, but a place that answered the call of 1 Corinthians 12 to be the body of Christ. The spirit of family and servanthood to the brethren has always been the driving force behind ECC. ECC provides a safe environment for our students to learn not only math and science, but character development and valuable life lessons as well. We are in awe of God’s continual provision to draw a rich pool of gifts and talents together within our community to provide for our every need.

When do we meet?        ECC meets on Fridays from 8:40 – 3:00
                                       2 Semesters
                                       10 weeks in the fall (beginning the Friday after Labor Day)
                                       10 weeks in the winter/spring (beginning mid-January)

Fridays begin with a morning opening ceremony at 8:40 a.m. Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, praise songs, scripture readings and announcements are all included in this 20-minute time of fellowship and preparation for the day.

Five 55-minute class periods are offered with a 55-minute lunch break between the third and fourth periods. The day concludes at 3:00 p.m. when participants in ECC clean the building. 

At the conclusion of each semester the students will have the opportunity to perform or exhibit work from their classes.

ECC is not a drop-off program. Our goal is not only to provide interesting and challenging classes for students, but also build a community to strengthen and encourage families on their homeschool journey. A parent must teach, co-teach, set-up, clean, or have administrative duties during the hours of his/her children’s involvement. All parents serve as assistants in classes every hour that the family participates.

Approximately 50 families are involved each semester with an average of 120 students. That equates to over 75 classes offered each Friday.


All ECC classes are parent led. We believe that God has called us to this place and time to teach and train our children outside of the tradition of the public school. In turn He brings together a rich pool of talent found among our home schooling parents to provide for our students every need. We provide a wide range of courses in every genre; P.E., English, History, Cooking, Crafts, Science, Math, Fine Arts, etc, etc. Depending on the age group there are typically three to five choices per hour. 

Age Group Divisions are as follows: 
Infant/Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st – 3rd, 4th -6th, 7th – 8th, 7th – 12th, 9th – 12th.


Registration Fee:
$115 for new families ($100 for existing members).
This fee must accompany your application. It will be deposited upon receipt and is non-refundable. This fee covers the administrative costs, reimbursement to the church for facility expenses, and materials used by all of ECC.

Co-Op Fee:
$50. This fee covers:  Church Appreciation - $ 5 per semester
                                    End of Semester Program - $5 per semester
                                    Insurance - $20 per semester
                                    PE Fee - $5 per semester
                                    Website Subscription & Paypal fees - $15 per semester

Name Tag Fee:
$6 per year for all Adults and Students (except Nursery and Preschool.)

Junior and Senior Fusion
$15 per semester for all 7th-12th graders. This is an extra way we help build community among our students. The fee provides a few lunches and a party or group activity for the students each semester.

Class Fees:
Class fees are collected at registration to cover the supplies your student will be using in that class. These fees can range from $1 - $40 per semester depending on the class. For example, Writing classes often only need to make a few copies of pages and may only be $1, whereas an art or science class would require more materials and could be up to $40.

The key ingredients to the success of ECC are COOPERATION AND COMMITMENT. At least one parent per family must be involved during the hours his/her children are in class. It is imperative to understand that once you have committed to participate others will be counting on you. Therefore, we ask that you only submit an application if you are serious about your commitments and will stick by them.