Children's Chorus auditions

Announcing! Auditions for the Children’s Chorus of Collin County are going on through the end of September! We are a tuition-based organization whose goal is to provide an advanced, quality choral experience for the children who are a part of our group. We have three Choruses: Prelude Chorus for Grades 3-5, Children's Chorus for Grades 6-8, and Youth Chorus for Grades 9-12. We all rehearse on Monday evenings in Plano. All of our Choruses focus on teaching good vocal technique and correct singing skills. In order to sing in any of our groups, a child must be able to match pitches, have a pleasing voice, sing in tune, and be vocally and emotionally ready for membership.

I believe strongly in what our Chorus has to offer in the way of musical training for children, but it provides so much more than just that. It's also an opportunity for a child to be part of a community of singers that are all working together to be unified and cohesive. We are always moving toward singing with excellence.

Interested in this great singing and growing opportunity? We are continuing to accept new members through the month of September. Click here for more information or to schedule an audition:

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