To qualify for a Dual Credit class, a high school student must meet several key requirements:

  • Be classified as a high school student (entering 9th grade)

  • Meet ECC requirements for taking a Dual Credit class.

  • Be recommended for Dual Credit by his or her ECC Dual Credit Coordinator.


All high school students enrolled in college classes are held accountable to policies, rules, and regulations of Dallas College.  

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Dual Credit Classes


Dual Credit/ Concurrent Enrollment enables our ECC homeschool students to earn credit that applies to high school graduation and also earn college credits that will transfer to a University or an Associate Degree.


Dual Credit courses are available through a contract granted by Dallas College (formerly Dallas County Community College), therefore making it approved and regulated by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Dual Credit classes are college level classes, taught by college faculty, using the same curricula, materials, and standards as classes taught on a regular college campus.

Students will attend college classes on campus or online via Internet access.

There are many benefits of participating in dual credit/concurrent enrollment:

  • It allows a student to get the feel of taking college classes in high school to ensure an easier transition to college.

  • It allows a student to take core college classes and provides a head start on post-secondary core requirements.

  • The students become proficient in following a syllabus, meeting classroom expectations and understanding course requirements.

  • It enhances critical thinking and studying skills.

  • Dual Credit helps alleviate college costs.

  • It extends the variety of classes available to high homeschool students. 

  • It allows shared resources: college library, fine arts performance, and career development services.

Along with benefits, come challenges that should be intently considered:

  • Transportation to and from college campus needs to be factored.

  • Cost of textbooks, supplies and materials for class are student responsibility.

  • High school and college calendars are different. 

  • Student maturity, self-discipline and motivation for college classes will need to be established for continued success.